In my 45 years of experience in our hi-fi industry, all of the “industry hi-fi” electronics sound clean, sterile accurate and some sound heavy and powerfull or impressive for a short term listen. But they always had those characteristics, regardless of the change of music. I have opened them up, tore them apart, studied, and listened to them all. They don’t sound like the music, they sound like an electronic stereos attempting to reproduce music, they all sound only slightly different on same the speakers, very very similar.

There is a reason for this. Not being Pure and Fundamental in approach.. Having to manufacture very large amounts of units for a business to survive, it requires: A business plan, line type assembly, marketing, all of the equipment, buildings, and people required to make the whole thing happen in every step of this process. Total costs, Time, Wages and profit desired, all play into it, which forces companies to constantly make compromises, short cuts, in every product they make. Thus industry made gear ultimately fails at its job of conveying real sounding music reproduction.

The goal of “Music” reproduced by electronics is a “Moving Target” just like the energy of the music itself. Absolutely everything matters! Every solder joint is like a fuse, or weakest link, every connection or connector, every placement of each part in the circuit line, and how it is used matters. Also all the known physics applied to each design step matters, like guage and type of metals used also the dialectric or covering. Lastly, the electrical energy powering and running all parts is like the octane of the gas for the engine.. In other words it is the life, dynamics, speed, and potential filling in of the sound of the unit, all other things being equal. The power we use inside electronics has two parts: One is the power supply built to deliver the AC power from your wall! Two, is the DC capacitance storage power available to support the audio circuits where electrical wall power cannot provide to the parts fast or full enough for the needs of music reproduction.

My business plan has alway been, to become INVALUABLE TO MY CUSTOMERS. To help you REALLY understand what you buy and why..

I offer this from a passion and persuit of my lifetime spent in audio.

I have no desire for box moving or massive profits.

I use no employees and have the lowest operating overhead of any store in hi-fi.



I always searched for people assets, and needed a natural born artist, possessing man and woman dual personalities, a purist of thought, a minimalist living genious level thinker, an A-sexual non distracted motivated builder of electronics, driven by constant evolving improvement in hand skills, mind skills, and innovation. Someone who also ONLY desired to achieve in that persuit.

A living LEGEND to build equipment for my customers that possessed vast specialty hi-fi audio design experience.

Sounds Imposible I know. It was just a dream.. I always laughed that off and thought that too, but I met Gilbert in 2019, I found them...

I INTRODUCE TO YOU, That very person right here in Canada, ANGELA YEUNG and GILBERT YEUNG.

Angela Yeung


All products are produced by the hand of Gilbert and Angela Yeung. We make Digital to Analog converters, Amplifiers, Pre-Amplifiers, Integrated Amplifiers, and Phono Stages. All are upgradeable! All upgrades for line stage and power output stages are universally useable throughout our gear.


If an industry made component has potential, we can drastically improve its performance with Super Cap energy upgrades and more, by Gilbert who for 35 years has developed circuit designs that give hundreds to thousands of times the original electrical energy in support of the musical signal being processed.


Angela Yeung has enjoyed creating abstract art in Gilbert's and others clothing, soldering touch, circuit design, and their everyday lifestyle and habitat. It Counts..

"After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are always artists as well." Albert Einstein..

Gilbert Yeung

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